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Careers FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing financial services company, our day-to-day decisions and actions are guided by three fundamental pursuits:

• Leader in the industry

• Superior returns

• Secure work environment

• Excellence

• Ownership

• Integrity

• Collaboration

• Focus where we can compete and win

• Execute with speed and skill

• Be a low-cost and efficient producer

• Uphold rigorous compliance standards

• Act like an owner 

Based on your role and location, you may work fully on-site or remotely. Speak with your recruiter about the work arrangement for your position.

Credit One Bank pays its employees bi-weekly.

Credit One Bank is dedicated to providing eligible employees with an array of benefits. We offer a range of plans and options that help protect you in case of illness or injury.

If you are a full-time employee (working 30 or more hours per week), you are eligible to enroll in benefits. Your legal spouse and dependent children up to age 26 are eligible for medical, dental, vision, company-paid and voluntary life, company-paid and voluntary AD&D, voluntary accident, voluntary critical illness, and voluntary hospital indemnity coverage.  

Exempt (salaried) employees and non-exempt (hourly) employees are eligible on the first of the month following hire.  

The Credit One Bank 401(k) Savings Plan helps you save for your future. You are eligible to participate in the plan on the first of the month following your hire date or on your 21st birthday.  You may contribute between 1% and 75% of your eligible pay through payroll deductions. The Bank will match 100% of the first 6% of your contributions each paycheck. There is a 5-year graded vesting schedule.  

After reviewing your resume or application, a recruiter may contact you if you are a good match for the open position.

If you are a former employee seeking to be rehired, you must adhere to all new-hire requirements, including pre-placement drug testing, background checks, etc. In addition to assessing your suitability for the position, we will take into consideration your prior employment status and work history.  

Interviews are conducted by phone, virtually (video), and/or on-site.

The hiring process may involve relevant stakeholders, including but not limited to recruiters, team members, and management.

Yes, we offer an employee referral program. When an employee sees a job posting that aligns with a friend, family member, or former colleague’s skill set, the employee may submit a candidate referral form and the candidate’s resume. The employee ensures the referral formally applies for the open position. The candidate being referred will then be contacted for an interview if the recruiter and/or hiring manager determines the candidate meets the qualifications for the position. If the candidate is hired, the employee receives an employee referral bonus. For additional details about the employee referral program, contact your recruiter.  

Credit One Bank will consider sponsoring a new, qualified candidate to work in the United States.

Relocation assistance is provided at the discretion of the company. Terms of the relocation package are included in a candidate’s offer letter.

When a candidate is identified for an open position, the recruiter contacts the selected candidate and extends an offer. The offer terms will be provided to the candidate as well as additional details about the position. The recruiter will also answer any questions about working at Credit One Bank. The candidate will receive an offer letter and then indicate a formal acceptance of the offer. Upon acceptance of the employment offer, the offer is contingent upon a conclusive negative drug test, satisfactory background check, and reference check.

Yes, Day One begins with participating in new-hire orientation. You will also pick up your equipment (e.g., laptop computer). If applicable, you will receive information on any scheduled new-hire training.

We are proud to offer a formal summer internship program designed to build a talent pipeline.  Departments hosting interns may vary, but previous departments have included Information Technology, Marketing, and Risk Management. For more details on the eligibility criteria for the Summer Internship Program, please visit our College Programs page.

We are proud to offer a two-year Management Associate Program in which employee participants will rotate within Treasury & Finance, Risk Management, Information Technology, and Marketing. The program is designed to rotate through four departments for six months each, to mentor and develop leaders of tomorrow.  For more details on the eligibility criteria for the Management Associate Program, please visit our College Programs page.

We are proud to offer a two-year Information Management Leadership Program in which employee participants will have an eight-month rotation within each of the Information Management Leadership Program: Development, Project Management, and Infrastructure. For more details on the eligibility criteria for the Summer Internship Program, please visit our College Programs page.