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You can tell a lot about a company by its culture. Our culture focuses on individuals working Together As One to create a positive environment that’s engaging, challenging, and recognizes the need for a healthy work-life balance.



We are first and foremost a team and, as such, work together to achieve the outcomes we desire. Hiring the brightest and best individuals is a great first step, but it is when we come together and collaborate that the real synergy—the magic, if you will—starts to happen. We believe collaboration is more than simply bouncing ideas off each other. At Credit One Bank, true collaboration involves:

Treating Others with Dignity and Respect

For people to be comfortable sharing their ideas or building upon the ideas of others, they must feel safe, secure, comfortable, and know their ideas and input are valued. Treating others as we wish to be treated is a credo by which every member of the Credit One Bank team abides.

Sharing Knowledge and Resources and Asking for Feedback

A team member who may be able to bring another team member’s idea to fruition could be sitting right next to them, but if they are unaware of that idea, they can’t contribute to implementing it. When ideas are not willingly shared, neither are feedback, constructive suggestions, or assistance. Hoarding information and resources prevents information from flowing freely and and ideas from being exchanged.

Creating and Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences bring more—and more varied—ideas to the table. By including a diverse group of collaborators, we open the gates for a flood of new ideas that simply would not be possible with a homogenized group of collaborators sharing similar backgrounds, experiences, and points of reference.



Integrity is reflected by how someone behaves when no one else is looking. At Credit One Bank, we behave—and expect our team members to behave—as though we are always under the microscope. This means acting ethically, responsibly, and not just talking the talk but walking the walk as well. Our commitment to integrity is reflected by:

Upholding Rigorous Compliance and Legal Standards

We adhere to the letter of the law, and we check ourselves—and our work—to make sure we are complying with all applicable laws, guidelines, and regulations. Our internal standards meet or exceed what is required.

Protecting the Privacy of Our Business and Cardmembers

Our cardmembers trust us with important information, and we make it a top priority not to violate that trust.

Always Doing the Right Thing

Without consistency, integrity cannot exist. Every member of the Credit One Bank team is expected to do the right thing—every time, all of the time.



Every organization strives for excellence, but at Credit One Bank, we define precisely what excellence is and how we know when we are on track to achieve it. It all revolves around our team members performing their duties with the mission of providing the best possible experience for our cardmembers. Achieving excellence involves:

Executing with Speed, Skill, and Accuracy

“Fast” without skill or accuracy is pointless, and a skillful, accurate performance that is not timely misses the mark as well. We seek the optimal balance of the three, so we can serve our cardmembers quickly and efficiently and satisfy their needs.

Delivering Unmatched Service to Cardmembers and Coworkers

Credit One Bank team members go beyond the expected and strive to deliver more to our cardmembers. They also extend the same commitment to their coworkers because we are all in this together, and everything we do is ultimately about serving our cardmembers.

Recruit, Hire, and Develop the Best and Brightest

Great ideas and performances come from great employees. Therefore, we go out of our way to attract and retain top-notch talent—not just people who are great at what they do, but folks who are good, caring human beings in and out of work.



At Credit One Bank, everyone has skin in the game. We own our tasks, projects, and commitment to serving our cardmembers. As owners, we take pride in doing things the right way by:

Holding Ourselves and Others Accountable

If everyone performs their role and pulls together, virtually anything is possible. Holding ourselves to a high standard and expecting others to do the same inspires Excellence, one of our other core values.

Seeking Ways to Improve Our Business

If there is a better way to do something, we’re all ears. By continually refining and improving our processes and products, we are growing as a company and better serving our cardmembers.

Taking Responsibility from Start to Finish

A task that is half finished is a task that still requires work to be done. We emphasize ownership of tasks and responsibilities from conceptualization to implementation and beyond. The proverbial race isn’t won until we have crossed the finish line.