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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in AutoPay?

To enroll in AutoPay, sign in to your account online and click on 'Pay Bill' in the top menu bar. Then, next to 'AutoPay' click 'Set Up.’ If you have more than one account, select an account from the 'Pay To' selector. Then, select your payment account from the 'Pay From' selector. Choose whether you would like to pay your Minimum Payment Due, Last Statement Balance, or Other Amount, then click 'Continue.' Confirm the details you selected are correct and click 'Confirm' to finish setting up AutoPay. You will receive a confirmation notice with the start date of your first automatic payment.

Note: If you set up AutoPay within 4 days of your Payment Due Date, your first automatic payment won’t be made until the next month. You will need to pay at least your Minimum Payment Due for the current month using a one-time payment to avoid a late fee.