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Samsung Pay Setup

Credit One Bank and Samsung Pay logos

An easy, secure, and convenient way to pay

Make secure purchases with your Samsung device

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In Stores

Open the Samsung Pay app from the Home screen, Apps menu, or Lock screen. Swipe to your Credit One Bank credit card, then place your finger on the Home button or touch 'PIN' and enter your four-digit PIN, then place the back of your device on the card reader or payment terminal.

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In Apps

Samsung Pay has teamed up with an ever-growing list of apps to make shopping from your phone even more convenient. Click here to see a current list of participating in-app payment partners.

Learn more about using Samsung Pay in stores and within apps.

How to set up Samsung Pay

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Get The App

If the app isn't preloaded on your phone, install it from Google Play.
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Enter Your Account Info

Enter your Samsung account information or create a Samsung account, then select the verification method you prefer, either fingerprint or PIN number.
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Add Your Credit One Bank Card

Select ADD then Add a credit card or debit card and add your card's information using your phone's camera or by typing it in manually.
Click here for help adding Samsung Pay.
Samsung Pay on a Phone

Where to use Samsung Pay

Use Samsung Pay at participating stores and within some apps. Just look for the symbols below.

Contactless and Samsung Pay Logos

Secure Transactions

When you add your card to Samsung Pay and use it to make purchases, your card number isn't stored on your device or shared with merchants. Samsung Pay creates a unique device number and individual transaction code to protect your personal information.

Have additional questions? Click here to visit our FAQs page.

Additional Payment Options

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Samsung Pay and the Samsung Pay logo are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.